is a photo diary made social.

Pickld is about Your Story.

Pickld is a STORY-SHARING App.

Pickld effortlessly presents your inspiring day in flowing storybook format: the places, people, event, and triumphs, all for you to cherish and share as much or as little as you choose right from your phone.

Pickld gives your unique story a voice in as few as 8 pictures per day. Learn more.

The Story of Pickld.


*One of our last photos together ( Me, Dad and Brother ).

My dad died when he was only 29 years old. If there's an app I wish he had used while he was still alive, it would've been an app we had in mind when we created Pickld.

It would have been great if my dad were able to capture his moments so our family can always look back and learn more from the daily stories he had in his life. That would have been invaluable to us.

I could only imagine if my dad had one, he could have documented his daily life - his selfies, his OOTDs, his dinners, his buddies, his daily work grinds, his morning routines. Sounds like boring, banal stuff, but put together, they paint my dad's story. Just having that would mean the world to me and my brother, we could have gotten to know him better that way.

- Dale, Founder

Pickld Milestones


Papaya is a free messaging app that allows you to chat to your nearby friends even with no internet or cellular data for iOS and Android. Papaya is integrated in Pickld so your messages can also be preserved daily.


Pickld was selected as one of top startups in the region to participate in the Magic Accelerator Program - the largest program in South East Asia to grow a community of regionally-focused startups. Read more.


Pickld is the National Winner that represented the Philippines in the Creative Business Cup event in Denmark last November 17-19, 2014. Read more.

Pickld is one of the selected startups that receives mentoring and training from some of the best tech minds in the industry. Read more.

Our Mantra


Steve Jobs said it best - "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." It's time to Be You for a Change because You Deserve to Be You!

Pickld Media Features


Pickld was featured on Entrepreneur Magazine with the title 'Memory Serves'. Read more.


Rappler chose Pickld as one of the 5 PH tech startups at your service. Read more.

Pickld as featured on YES Philippines: Pickld represents Philippines in Creative Business Cup.


ABS-CBN's Rated K featured Pickld, the easiest way to tell your story. Watch now.


Pickld as featured on TV 5's E-Like and 'Aksyon sa Umaga'.

What they Say?


Vision - Mission

Pickld Vision

Humanity preserved. One story at a time.

Our Mission

We want Pickld to be the easiest and most fun way of keeping and sharing our daily stories.

We want Pickld to be the keeper of people's stories.

We want Pickld to be a place where Picklrs can be themselves, express their thoughts and be real.

We want to have a community of Picklrs who, like us, want to make a difference and make things happen.

We want to inspire Picklrs to live a life of passion and without regrets.

Our Plea


We want Pickld to be an exceptional app - something that is not just useful, but something that impacts the way we live life. Even if we've already spent sweat and tears with this app (don't worry no blood), we know that Pickld is still far from perfect. We can only know if we are right on track with your comments, feedback and suggestions. It may sound cliche, but we'd love to hear from you so we can really improve your Pickling experience.

For any concerns or feedback, please email us at hello[at]

Finally, what we are is grateful. Thank you for using and making Pickld a part of your life. Try it even for just a week or two and we guarantee that you will appreciate the value it will create. It's priceless being able to go back and see your days. Imagine how rich your story will be after a month or a year. A story that is uniquely yours that you can share with your family and friends.

So go ahead, tell your own story, and get Pickld for life.

Pickld with Us

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